Brand protection in e-commerce.

As digitisation continues to gain momentum and consumers’ trust in e-commerce channels increases, it is easy to lose control over how consumers perceive your brand. With priceintelligence, you can manage and protect your brand value in e-commerce

Brand governance made easy.

With our solution for brand governance, you protect your brand. Not only will you immediately become aware of RRP undercutting, but you will also be able to identify unauthorised merchants selling your products.  You can monitor how retailers present your products, and you compare it with the way they present your competitors’ products.

Knowing exactly what happens in online commerce

You can even spot past infringements because your brand may have been in our extensive database for quite some time.

Good retailers, better retailers

With priceintelligence you can find out which online retailers undercut your recommended retail price particularly frequently and which do so very early. You uncover unauthorised sellers who offer your products online. You can also identify popular retailers who sell your competitors’ products – and try to win them over.

Against counterfeits.

You can immediately spot e-commerce websites that sell fake and white-labelled products of your brand and unmask image and content theft.  Furthermore, you can easily find out which retailers are frequently offering counterfeit products online – and immediately take appropriate measures.

Catalogue governance.

Optimising the quality of your product data through compelling product titles, attributes, descriptions, and images will improve the chances of your products being found and of getting the all-important conversion. Tracking and analysing online catalogues of competing brands will also allow you to tap into trends in online merchandising. 

Protect your brand.

  • Ensure that your online catalogue includes appropriate titles, accurate product descriptions, and compelling visuals.
  • Targeted product descriptions and images will improve the chances of your products being found and of getting the all-important conversion.
  • Keep an eye on your product ratings, rankings for important search terms, availability, and price changes over time.
  • Tracking and analysing online catalogues of competing brands will allow you to tap into trends in online visual merchandising.

For manufacturers, implementing brand protection strategies is rather expensive. We help you to simplify this process significantly. Our software shows you which retailers often and significantly undercut the recommended retail price and which ones are worth partnering with.

Laurenz Kögler, Customer Success Manager

Tailored to your needs and ready to use.

Dashboards and reports.

Our dashboards, reports, and a variety of graphs will help you make the right strategic decisions based on reliable data.  We have developed these tools with several brand manufacturers and have continually optimised them. Should you require further, more specific reports, our BI and Data Science team will be happy to implement a solution according to your individual needs.

Export and import.

With priceintelligence, you can start within a few days, without any integration. As a rule, we use simple exports – such as CSV files from your ERP system or existing data feeds for your sales channels.


Set up the alerts you need and be notified immediately by email of price changes and MAP underruns. The advantage: With the alerts, you will be instantly aware of any worrying trends in the future.

Take the reins and experience what data sovereignty feels like in an individual online demo. Free of charge, of course – and you're welcome to use your own data. Send us a request and we will arrange an appointment as soon as possible.