Product Range and Portfolio Analysis

Maximum data quality for the best possible product range on the market: BENCHMARKER aggregates real-time data to compare entire portfolios and categories across the globe and uncover any potential gaps.

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The best offer on the market

Today, it requires tremendous effort to compare entire product ranges and draw the right conclusions to empower successful action. This is even more true when drilling down into specific categories. Which and how many brands do competitors have in stock? What about exclusive or best-selling products? Market dynamics and the level of competition are exploding at the moment – and with them, the amount of data that needs to be analyzed. To gain valuable insights for their product range design, product development and investment decisions, those in charge cannot afford to miss out on any relevant changes on the global market.

Comparisons across categories
Comparing across categories and analyzing the number of items and NOS (“never out of stock”) products provides insights into the dynamics of competitor product portfolios.
Intelligent product range analysis
Detailed information such as prices and discount structure, shipping costs, availability, rankings and reviews bring the map of your competition into sharper focus.
Focus on best-selling products
Accurately detect competitor product range trends and draw the right conclusions for your own strategy by analyzing sorting order, ratings and availability.
Setting the benchmark
Offer your customers the best product range and always have an edge on the competition by offering the right products at exactly the right time.
How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?

Compare your assortment or product portfolio with that of your competitors – at category or full catalog level. Prices, brands, availability and more: Clearly identify any potential optimizations.

Become the benchmark for others

Looking at the competition’s entire product range as a whole yields valuable insights: When and how often does a product range change? What about the price structure and discount strategy? Which products are added, removed or left in place? Are there bestsellers, NOS or exclusive products that impact the entire product range? BENCHMARKER conducts high-frequency analyses of competitor data that reveal which products are particularly crucial to the competition, among other insights. Superior data quality and the support of experienced data consultants in interpreting the aggregated premium data ensures that your product range and investment decisions are on solid footing.

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