Fight Club

Competitor Observation

Knowing your competition empowers you to act intelligently. By monitoring price and product data, FIGHT CLUB provides crucial information to inform the best strategy and powerfully impact the race for buyers.

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Playing to win

Everyone is fighting for top positions on price comparison sites, platforms and marketplaces. To stand a chance among the extremely dynamic, rapidly growing competition, brands and retailers need to gather as much information as possible about the competitive landscape. This is a task of mammoth proportions that is nearly impossible to pull off manually. How many actual competitors are there? Which of them have comparable offers? What distinguishes better offers from the competition? Who drives prices up first? Who drives them to a critically low level? The more FIGHT CLUB learns about competitor strategies, the greater the competitive advantage in the scramble for market leadership.

Highly relevant comparisons
Systematically detect serious competitors and perform a targeted comparison based on relevant criteria such as price, rankings, shipping details and reviews.
Rapid response
Prevent any avoidable loss of sales by rapidly adapting your strategy to any change in the competitor landscape.
Monitoring the competition
Continually monitoring competitor activities reveals their pricing, discount strategies and more.
More sales, higher margins
Reliable market insights facilitate profitable offer optimization and empower our clients to negotiate from a position of power.
Does your product rank highest?

Gain insights into your competitive position compared to other sellers on various platforms and marketplaces. Identify your key competitors and discover how you can optimize your current pricing to increase sales and margins.

An intelligent tool to win the price war

In the world of e-commerce, monitoring the competition is par for the course. But today, the volume of competitor data is no longer the only thing that counts. Data quality is the key factor. The right data needs to be available not only in the highest quality, but also at maximum speed. And ideally, it should scale with increasing requirements. We developed FIGHT CLUB to meet these exact needs of large corporate clients. This rapidly deployed tool is specialized in collecting every last bit of relevant and accurate data about competitor offers and providing it in a way that allows companies to act with maximum efficacy and responsiveness.

A woman holds a tablet with a dashboard of XPLN's FIGHT CLUB software solution
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