XPLN as a partner

SaaS+ for individual solutions and success support

We are convinced that software and data are not enough to solve every business challenge ­– today or in the future. Instead, what’s needed is an ingenious combination of artificial and human intelligence. This is the only way to convert data into the in-depth market insights and comprehensive understanding that allow you to act with the utmost confidence. It is what sets XPLN apart. And it is also why we don’t view ourselves as a software provider in the traditional sense, but as a partner and a provider of custom solutions. The “plus” in SaaS+ stands for the powerful combination of software and data consulting.

Christine Savin
Data Consultant

I support you with individual solutions and analyses to harness the full power of your data.

Confident decision-making
We are very familiar with the requirements and administrative frameworks of our enterprise customers and provide them with targeted support.
Project management
From all-around support during testing to long-term, individual support.
Support for success
Increasing sales and margins, brand protection, data expertise – we empower you and your company to achieve maximum performance.
Data know-how
Intelligent data interpretation is based on our deep understanding of data.
We develop individual solutions and software adaptations for special requirements.
Our solutions

Modular cartridges as targeted solutions for digital shelf analytics and pricing in e-commerce.