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Keyword Ranking Monitoring

Are you right at the top? SHELF SHIFTER monitors your products’ organic and paid rankings across all online marketplaces.

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Secure Top Rankings on Marketplaces

Every brand wants to rank top in online marketplace search results. After all, coming first brings in attention and ultimately sales.

The problem: Manufacturers sell on multiple different marketplaces, and their rankings are constantly changing, as are the activities of their competitors. Done manually, it is nigh on impossible to monitor every single ranking or positioning. But this sees brands miss out on sales, waste retail media budgets and lose visibility.

The solution: Automatically capture the organic and paid positioning of your products on marketplaces across all relevant keywords and categories.

Analyze where and how many products are listed on search results pages for relevant keywords and category pages, where your ads feature, and how the competition is getting on. Then use this data to optimize product content, allocate your retail media budgets more efficiently and ensure a high share of the digital shelf.

What Our Keyword Ranking Monitoring Solution Can Do for You

Increase sales
Better positioning means better conversions and sales. Monitoring allows you to see where potential is going unused and where optimization will bring the biggest payoff.
Maximize ROAS
Distribute your advertising budgets strategically for maximum visibility. Save on paid ads where your products already rank well organically.
Gain the competitive edge
Analyze your competitors’ rankings and ads. Get automatic updates on any changes in listings so you can respond immediately.
Improve visibility
When it comes to keywords and categories, where don’t your products rank well? Take action to optimize product content, price, service, reviews, etc. to boost visibility.
Select new sales channels
Which marketplaces pay off, and which don’t? Analyze the competitive environment and your opportunities before deciding on a new sales channel.
Use resources efficiently
Don’t waste valuable resources on a scattergun approach. Automate routine tasks and deploy your team strategically.
Where Do Your Products Rank?

SHELF SHIFTER keeps a permanent eye on your product rankings. And your competitors’ too. For all open online marketplaces. Fully automated.

Dominate Your Category on Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces have huge reach, and with that reach come huge opportunities for growth – at least for brands that make it to the top of their category. SHELF SHIFTER is a tool to help you exploit maximum marketplace potential and dominate your category.

But how? Automated monitoring provides an overview of where your products are listed in organic and paid search results at all times. This reliable database grounds your decisions, allowing you to take the most profitable next steps.

Optimize product content for the relevant keywords in every marketplace. Rule-based notifications draw your attention to where you need to take urgent action, while strategically placed ads increase visibility and sales. Be smarter than your competitors and relegate them to the back of the pack.

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