Premium Price and Product Data History

Learning from the past to shape the future: DELOREAN allows you to view historical price and product data – even from the time before you were our client.

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Instantly available

long-term monitoring

All the things you could do if you only knew what happened in the past becomes painfully clear when this information is unavailable. Brands and retailers who are just getting started with the automated collection of price and product data often face long wait times until they can start to learn from past developments. Which is a shame, because findings based on long-term observation provide unique value to retailers – especially when it comes to pricing and discount strategies for special occasions or seasonal sales events. Manufacturers are also empowered to set prices with greater confidence if they know the trajectory of their products or comparable ones in recent years. This is precisely what DELOREAN does: It allows you to look into the data past to inform the future.

Back to the future
Instantly draw insights from historical premium data as soon as your contract starts – to help shape the future.
Price lifecycle management
Make confident strategic decisions about product ranges and prices by looking in the rear-view mirror at historical price curves and product lifecycles.
A wellspring of new data
Access exciting insights from years past without spending additional years collecting data.
Competition strategy analysis
Use historical competitor pricing data to gain crucial information and increased confidence for your own pricing.
Learn from historical data

Analyze the historical price trajectory of your products across relevant vendors. Then, use these insights to inform your strategic planning efforts.

Look to the past

to get ahead

We all understand the importance of learning from the past. Unfortunately, this usually only works for events of general relevance. Historical price and product data have yet to appear in history books. If you want to look into the past, you have to rely on anecdotes or accidental finds. DELOREAN does something you can only accomplish in the digital space: It generates an overview of past data and instantly uncovers valuable long-term developments. How did products and prices fare in relation to specific historical events? What did your competitors do in the past? With DELOREAN, you no longer have to start at zero – or rely on speculation. On the contrary: Important decisions can immediately be based on real insights from the past.

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