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Digital Shelf Analytics

Our digital shelf analytics tool provides clarity on e-commerce product performance – from you and your competitors. For better brand protection, more sales, a stronger competitive position, product innovation and reduced product returns.

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Regain control of the digital shelf

The number of digital sales channels is growing, as is their relevance. This development increases the loss of control over the brand and its positioning worldwide – a threat to brand image and performance.

The time factor plays a decisive role in the analysis and optimization of the digital shelf. Manual checks of (product) availability, quality of offer presentation, price and promotion details, rankings and ratings is resource-intensive and simply not scalable. A comparison with competitors multiplies the effort.

Only those who can analyze the digital shelf comprehensively and in real time can identify errors early on and optimize content on marketplaces. This creates a consistent shopping experience across all channels, protects the brand, maximizes sales and increases customer satisfaction.

The solution: an intelligent digital shelf analytics tool to automate data collection, preparation and analysis with PIM integration for efficient and powerful offer optimization.

Effective brand protection
You identify and react quickly to errors in product presentation (title, description, images and other media, price, brand, etc.). In this way, you consistently protect your brand.
Availability alerts
Out-of-stock situations or unavailable listings are signaled directly to you via alerting for your most important key accounts.
Ranking in comparison with competitors
Where do you rank in organic and sponsored search rankings for important keywords? Where is your competition? What distinguishes their offer and presentation and makes the difference? These insights enable optimization for better visibility and more sales.
Seamless data integration
By integrating your PIM system, you can optimize content efficiently. For this purpose, we work intensively with Informatica, Contentserv and Akeneo.
AI matching for competitive analysis
Analyze the digital shelf of competing brands using AI matching and optimize your offering specifically to strengthen your competitive position.
Time for strategy
Automated monitoring and alerting frees up resources for strategic analysis and stronger competitive positioning.
Improving customer experience
Bad reviews? Open customer needs? Correct and high-quality product content minimizes the purchase risk and thus also returns.
The entire digital shelf at a glance

Analyze availability, NOS and out-of-stock, product content, pricing data, rankings and reviews. And most importantly, sift through competitive offers for the ultimate foundation for your decision-making.

Winning in the digital shelf – relentlessly efficient and effective

Digital shelf analytics enables a seamless process of offer creation, publishing and presentation as well as optimization. After product data is generated in the PIM system and published on marketplaces, digital shelf analytics provides the feedback channel.

  • Is the product available and visible?
  • Are the product title and brand name correct?
  • Are descriptions and attributes available and error-free?
  • Is the product displayed appropriately with high quality images?
  • Where is the product ranked in the search rankings?
  • How many ratings and reviews are there?
  • What lessons can be learned from reviews for marketing and product development to avoid returns in the future and keep customers happy?

You can't rely on your products being adequately represented on marketplaces and at retailers to meet your brand's standards. Our MYSTERY SHOPPER provides clarity and helps you optimize product presentation and positioning as well as support merchants in doing so. Uncompromising data quality is crucial for your decision-making confidence, so that you can protect your brand and increase conversion in favor of more sales.

This doesn't just apply to your own products. Using AI product matching, the entire digital shelf of competitors can also be analyzed. Integration with your PIM system from our partners Informatica, Contentserv, Akeneo or others closes the circle. Efficient and effective. Up to the automated improvement of your content.

MYSTERY SHOPPER includes features from our cartridges GATEKEEPER, LIVE TRACKER and JUDGMENT DAY. Depending on your individual use case, you can apply the comprehensive digital shelf analytics package or just individual modules.

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