Our Solutions for Digital Shelf Analytics, Pricing and Competitive Intelligence

We understand the current challenges in e-commerce and have worked closely with our customers in developing our XPLN cartridges for digital shelf analytics and pricing to empower smart and data-driven decisions about offers and positioning.

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Effective and forward-looking:

XPLN cartridges

The XPLN Suite consists of several modules we call “cartridges”. Every XPLN cartridge is specifically tailored to a specific need of our corporate clients. The modular system allows e-commerce managers to assemble specific packages to address unique challenges and scenarios. This lets you make the most of your e-commerce data in order to make data-based strategic decisions.

Reliable, premium data is the basis for profitable insights – provided by our basic Naked Data cartridge. This high-quality data is the prerequisite for additional analyses that help you provide the best possible offer on the market.


Digital Shelf Analytics

Our digital shelf analytics tool provides clarity on product performance in e-commerce for better brand protection, more sales and a stronger competitive position.

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Product Visibility Check

Keep track of how many and which of your products are online and actually available to customers on any given market place or platform.

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Minimum Price Watch

Powerful MAP monitoring that identifies and notifies you of threats to your brand and brand image from deep discounting across all e-commerce channels. Active 24/7.


Dynamic Pricing

The perfect margin – the ideal outcome of analyzing competitor data. Our dynamic repricing tool boosts sales and strengthens your position in the global market.


Customer Rating Evaluation

In the end, only one thing counts: What the customer wants. Nothing else. JUDGMENT DAY analyzes key indicators from customer reviews to determine customer needs and generates priceless insights for product development.


Product Content Monitoring

Keep an eye on your product content across all channels with our fully automated solution. For more conversions and better brand control in e-commerce.

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Keyword Ranking Monitoring

Our tool monitors the organic and sponsored keyword rankings of your products against the competition across all online marketplaces for higher visibility and more conversions.

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Premium price and product data

Purely premium e-commerce data. In real time. And the highest quality. Automated data crawling from marketplaces, price comparison and competitor sites that serves as a reliable and scalable basis for your pricing decisions and analyses.


Competitor Observation

Knowing your competition empowers you to act intelligently. By monitoring price and product data, FIGHT CLUB provides crucial information to inform the best strategy and powerfully impact the race for buyers.


Product Trend Discovery

Early detection. Rapid action. TREASURE HUNTER uncovers product trends in global markets – providing indispensable insights for all those who wish to remain competitive in the future.


Product Range and Portfolio Analysis

Maximum data quality for the best possible product range on the market: BENCHMARKER aggregates real-time data to compare entire portfolios and categories across the globe and uncover any potential gaps.


Premium Price and Product Data History

Learning from the past to shape the future: DELOREAN allows you to view historical price and product data – even from the time before you were our client.

Our SaaS+ principle

Next-generation brand owners and retailers can no longer rely solely on fully automated SaaS solutions to make decisions about their offerings. Our personal support in effectively evaluating premium data at enterprise level provides security and distance from the growing competition.

That‘s what we call SaaS+.