Minimum Price Watch

Powerful MAP monitoring that identifies and notifies you of threats to your brand and brand image across all e-commerce channels. Active 24/7.

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Certainty is better.

Manufacturers who allow others to distribute their brands need to ensure they retain maximum control. This is no small feat. E-commerce channels can multiply or radically change almost overnight, and the lack of transparency created by unauthorized retailers contributes to the loss of control. The appearance of counterfeit, white-label or exclusive products on the market constitutes as much of a threat to brand sovereignty as does rampant price dumping. GATEKEEPER counters this loss of control by detecting deviations of any kind and reporting them in an easy-to-interpret format. This substantive data provides a basis for brand protection in the realm of e-commerce.

Limitless product recognition
Gain transparency through fully automated identification of your branded products, prices and discount levels across all marketplaces, online shops, platforms and comparison pages.
Suspicious activity alerts
Uninterrupted monitoring of price levels and changes. In the event of suspicious activity, cases can be tracked more intensively.
Keep it exclusive
Exclusivity is extremely valuable. Find out whether your exclusive products are offered by unauthorized retailers so you can take action to maintain their value.
Data consulting
In our SaaS+ approach, humans strengthen automated solutions. We provide personalized support to help you interpret the data.
Simple systems integration
Ready to use in just a few hours. No IT resources required. Maximum efficiency through the use of existing interfaces and structures.
Keep an eye on RRP and MAP

Track the price status of your products and the development of prices offered by sellers and platforms worldwide to gain important insights for the product lifecycle.

Premium data. Powerful protection.

When products are listed at less than the minimum advertised price (MAP), this is an excellent – but also dangerous – indicator of the status of a brand. This is why MAP and RRP monitoring are indispensable for brand manufacturers. However, exceptionally high data quality is also essential. GATEKEEPER reliably detects and identifies excessively discounted offers, unauthorized retailers and gray imports. By precisely tracking the extent and frequency of product listings that undercut the minimum advertised price, it provides premium data that brand manufacturers can rely on. Disproportionately affected products or categories instantly stand out and patterns become clear. Processes can be documented and recorded. Never before has brand protection been as essential as it is today – and never before has it been this simple.

A woman holds a tablet with a dashboard of XPLN's GATEKEEPER software solution
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