Guide: Digital Shelf Analytics for Brand Manufacturers

Track brand and product performance across all e-commerce channels

How manufacturers can leverage channel insights to boost their brand, optimize product performance and grow their e-commerce business efficiently and profitably.

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Back in the e-commerce boom of 2020 to 2022, manufacturers massively expanded their activities, both on D2C channels and using intermediaries. Now, however, the boom is over, forcing manufacturers to adapt their strategies to this new reality and cut their costs. All this while ensuring product presentation and brand image – as the keys to long-term success – don’t suffer.

The result? Manufacturers are scrambling to regain more control over the brand and customer experience. But they’re quickly realizing that’s easier said than done: as sales networks have grown, so too has the amount of effort involved in keeping track. As such, they often decide to pull out of channels they can no longer operate efficiently and profitably. But this doesn’t have to be the only way out.

If manufacturers want to be able to take action, they need two main things. One: a complete and transparent overview of actual performance for all own-brand products and activities across all channels. Two: to automate manual activities. And the tool to get them there is digital shelf analytics.

This guide explains

  • The challenges manufacturers face in e-commerce.
  • How manufacturers can use digital shelf analytics to overcome these challenges.
  • How they can improve their results with as few resources as possible.

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