Build on demand?

Do-it-yourselfers think with their hands. Which is evident in their purchasing behavior. The DIY community mostly continues to search offline for just the right materials, fabrics and tools. In addition to a wide range of products, high quality, instant availability, reputation and a low-price guarantee, the look and feel of a product continues to be a powerfully persuasive tool for large retail chains and home improvement stores as well as manufacturers in this vertical.

DIY customers who buy online generally decide to do so based on price or because they have another way of assessing the quality of the products they are ordering. This presents challenges for brand manufacturers and online retailers alike. They not only need to offer competitive prices, but also entice consumers with a compelling and well-curated product range in order to stand out from the crowd.

Understanding the market to influence the market

In order to successfully establish DIY products in the market, vendors need to be keenly aware of the unique features of the industry and address these with targeted measures. In addition, this precise calibration of offers requires automated support – regardless of whether we are talking about price optimization, market monitoring, product presentation or product range design.

Only with the help of high-quality data collection and experienced experts at your side is it possible to gather and organize the necessary amount of information and draw the right conclusions for your business. We can help you sort it out – with data consulting and custom, personalized solutions using our unique SaaS+ approach.

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