Mechanical engineering

Transparent trade with heavy equipment

Engineers have a reputation for being highly conscientious and extremely precise. This also applies to those who are entrusted with the supply of parts and spare parts in the mechanical and plant engineering sectors. In addition to product quality, availability, rapid supply and quality support are important to engineers.

But experience shows that there is an especially strong focus on cost. Therefore, it is not uncommon for it all to come down to price – not matter how well one delivers on the other criteria.

The more transparent e-commerce becomes for mechanical engineering, the better customers will be able to bring their innate precision to bear on the decision-making process. For manufacturers and retailers, the focus will increasingly be on protecting their high-margin business. This also entails monitoring market pricing. Not manually, of course – that would be too time-consuming and inefficient, especially for this industry. Today, you can instead rely on tried-and-true price monitoring tools to ensure that your products and spare parts are offered at the right price.

Understanding the market to influence the market

In mechanical engineering, the potential for price and product range optimization is tremendous. Cost pressure is rising for everyone, and with fewer competitors, margins can be higher. The focus is on increasing market share and sales. But when it comes to monitoring market activity and price developments, brands and retailers are reliant on rapid, high-quality data collection and experienced experts to help gather, categorize and interpret the requisite amount of information and make the best decisions for their business. We can help you sort it out – with data consulting and custom, personalized solutions in guaranteed quality using our unique SaaS+ approach.

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