Margin Maximizer

Dynamic Pricing

The perfect margin – the ideal outcome of analyzing competitor data. Our dynamic repricing tool boosts sales and strengthens your position in the global market.

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Next-generation pricing decisions

Online shoppers are savvy customers. They know to compare prices before they make a purchase. Often all over the world. Why? Because they can. To make a lasting impression on their customers, brands and retailers have to repeatedly succeed in making the best offers. The highly dynamic nature of the market and the increasing price and competition pressure make the collection of decision-relevant data a resource issue – while inventory and investment pressure continue to grow.

The solution: an intelligent e-commerce pricing tool that monitors competitors worldwide and delivers premium data for sure-fire pricing strategies.

Lead the market
Competition is increasing. So is the volume of data. We draw transparent and accurate conclusions from premium data harvested from marketplaces, price comparison and competitor websites to ensure you remain competitive at all times.
Maximizing sales
Offer your customers the best price, not the cheapest one, by choosing the smartest price point to protect your margins and your profitability.
An eye on the competition
Your strategy can include historical price developments or daily prices during certain events as well as competitor-related criteria to allow for differentiated positioning.
AI-based product reconciliation
Your decisions are based on ultra-precise data with up to 100% AI-supported accuracy in recognizing your product.
Maximize margins and revenue

Get as granular as you like when defining individual pricing rules. Our price recommendation feature ensures you can always offer the best deal on the market while easily filtering out irrelevant suppliers and offers.

Enhanced data quality for enhanced margins

Dynamic pricing aimed at optimized margins ensures buyer and seller satisfaction. Prices derived from global market data and valuable AI-based data are both competitive and profitable. Competitor demand and inventory gaps are also considered when determining your pricing strategy, as are custom parameters such as the cost of shipping, reviews and delivery times. MARGIN MAXIMIZER checks and optimizes millions of offers. All over the world. As often as you like. At lightning speed.

A woman holds a tablet with a dashboard of XPLN's MARGIN MAXIMIZER software solution
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