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Product Availability and Inventory Check

Imagine always knowing which products published in online marketplaces or stores are actually available to customers.

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Online or offline:

That is the question.

There are many reasons why some products don’t immediately show up online for customers to buy. Shops and platforms can reach their limits because of increasing data volumes, missing data and lack of product images. No matter the reason, this delay means losses in sales and increasing stock levels for manufacturers – especially when it comes to time-sensitive products like seasonal items. It also hurts sales when products are out of stock.

Without insight into whether products published in a system are actually available online and in stock, brands and brand images can be unwittingly endangered. This is something you don’t have to live with. Even it if is impossible to manually check visibility. LIVE TRACKER creates transparency and clarity.

Live check
Quickly check whether exported products are actually published on a marketplace.
Continuity check
Check whether products published in the shop subsequently go offline without being noticed.
Avoid out-of-stock situations
Identify when products are out of stock or reaching low inventory levels. Take timely action and support your channel partners to protect sales.
Is your product live?

Keep track of how many and which of your products are online or offline on any given platform. As a bonus, you can also identify if you or one of your competitors is in the buy box.

Trust is good.

Verification is better.

LIVE TRACKER is a simple and effective solution. The software defuses a risky black box for brand manufacturers and provides automated certainty and clarity about the actual whereabouts of released items. LIVE TRACKER checking reveals errors and delays that affect sales and are relevant to brand perception. The tool allows for quick and effective intervention and continually verifies whether products continue to be available.

A woman holds a tablet with a dashboard of XPLN's LIVE TRACKER software solution
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