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Product Content Monitoring

Make product page errors a thing of the past: keep an eye on your product content across all channels with our fully automated solution. For more conversions and better brand control in e-commerce.

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High-Quality Product Content for a Consistent Brand Experience

Incorrect or even poor product content discourages customers from buying, increases the number of returns and can cause lasting damage to brand trust.

The problem: You can spend hours carefully crafting your brand content, but unfortunately marketplaces and online retailers rarely adopt it one to one. Instead, it falls to you as the manufacturer to monitor how your products are presented. But manual searches famously eat up hours of time and in any case only allow for spot checks. All this makes it easy for problems to go undetected – with expensive consequences.

The solution: Monitor your product content automatically across all e-commerce channels.

Analyze whether your content is complete, whether your brand guidelines are observed and whether texts and images are optimized for the channel and highest possible conversions. Plus, identify errors and optimization potential at a glance, all without having to do one search.

What Our Product Content Monitoring Solution Can Do for You

Increase sales
Stand out from the competition with high-quality, accurate product content and win over your customers. Proven to be one of the best levers for improving conversions and sales.
Reduce returns
The best way to reduce returns? Clear descriptions and images. Easily find those gaps and errors in your content that irritate your customers.
Cut advertising costs
Directly or indirectly, optimized content boosts your position on marketplaces and online stores. Get your products to the top spot even without paid campaigns.
Protect your brand image
When it comes to premium brands, presentation needs to be spot-on across all channels. Reliably track down content that fails to meet your standards or even violates brand guidelines.
Deploy your team strategically
Your team has more than enough on their plates without maintaining thousands of e-commerce channels. Reduce the manual load so you can deploy your professionals where they actually add value.
Achieve seamless, digital processes
Integrate DATA STEWARD with your e-commerce suite. Our solution works seamlessly with PIM systems like Informatica, Contentserv and Akeneo.
Total Control Over Your Product Content

DATA STEWARD lets you monitor all your product pages and every single part of your content. On all freely accessible online shops and marketplaces. 100% automated.

Top Customer Experience With Top Content

Even the best product content is worthless if it doesn’t reach your customers. DATA STEWARD helps ensure quality product presentation across all e-commerce channels. The result: a consistent, high-quality customer experience – no matter where they shop online.

Automated product content monitoring allows you to maintain an overview of each of your product detail pages at all times. Keep track of whether your sales partners are using the most up-to-date content and delivering your campaigns on time. You can also analyze how your competitors are presenting their products to identify further potential for optimization.

DATA STEWARD accelerates your content management with automated monitoring, PIM integration, notifications and task management. This way, you can focus your energy on what matters: improving your actual content and the customer experience.

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