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Product Trend Discovery

Early detection. Rapid action. TREASURE HUNTER uncovers product trends in global markets – providing indispensable insights for all those who wish to remain competitive in the future.

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Detecting trends

to avert danger

Trends often pop up suddenly. This happens all over the world. Again and again, we have seen trends come seemingly out of nowhere and suddenly become a must-have. Some are here to stay, while others disappear as quickly as they appeared. But which developments are relevant for your brand or your product range? Which trends do you get on board with, which ones do you help push forward, and which ones do you pass on? The main challenge is being aware of changes in the vast global market and classifying them in a way that makes sense early on. Here, the right data not only help determine which trends are ideal for your strategic positioning, but also safeguard you against making the wrong investment decisions.

Trend scouting
The ability to rapidly detect and classify trends ensures your ability to proactively protect your brand image and value.
Local trends
Global, regional, platform-specific. A targeted view of markets and platforms allows for a differentiated observation of international business trends.
Competitor trend analysis
When products offered by your direct competitors gain popularity, this allows you to draw conclusions that inform your own strategies and investment decisions.
Market intelligence
An automated analysis shows where a product is positioned in the market and its own lifecycle – and whether marketing and sales parameters need to be adjusted.
Which products are trending?

Track the dynamics at play in global e-commerce and decode market signals to identify trends that are relevant to you. How in vogue are your offerings compared to the competition?

More speed, more depth, more success

TREASURE HUNTER has a handle on the entirety of the chaotic world of global e-commerce, allowing it to instantly recognize whether a movement is turning into a trend – or not. The software monitors changes in ratings, availability and marketing material and scans product ranking and assortment analyses as well as many other data sets. TREASURE HUNTER helps separate what’s important from the noise. At the same time, it can be precisely targeted and directed at the competitors you can learn the most from – or those you absolutely have to stay ahead of. Because only if you act in the tiny window of time when trends are not yet obvious do you have the opportunity to take action and reap the profits.

A woman holds a tablet with a dashboard of XPLN's TREASURE HUNTER software solution.
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