Naked Data

Premium pricing and product data

Purely premium e-commerce data. In real time. And the highest quality. Automated data crawling from marketplaces, price comparison and competitor sites that serves as a reliable and scalable basis for your pricing decisions and own analyses – or additional XPLN cartridges.

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Power is knowing what the competition is up to.

In global e-commerce, everything is open to comparison. Not only the end user, but also the competition uses this to their benefit. Everyone is keeping an eye on everyone else. But data collection is becoming ever more complex. Increasingly large amounts of data need to be made available at higher and higher frequency, ideally scalable to the nth degree. Brands and retailers have to rely on a continuous flow of high-quality data. Without any limitation. And ideally guaranteed. Because any interruption can quickly lead to a high loss of sales. This is bad for margins – and the peace of mind of those in charge.

Premium data
GDPR compliant, climate-neutral and made in Germany. In short: automatically crawled data that large corporate customers can trust.
Unlimited volume
Competition data galore. Innumerable products, frequently updated – with filter options for key competitors.
Crafted for the needs of large corporations: Data quality checks, proactive success rate reporting and uncompromising data security.
AI-based product matching
Your decisions are based on ultra-precise data with up to 100% AI-supported accuracy in recognizing your product.
SaaS made to measure
A high standard – with options for solution-oriented software adaptations to meet specific enterprise needs.
Simple systems integration
Ready to use in just a few hours with no IT resources required. Maximum efficiency through the use of existing interfaces and structures (e.g. Spryker, pricefx, etc.).
Premium data: infinite possibilities

We provide the naked data; you exploit the potential. Product data of the highest quality, without limitation, in real time and at high frequency enables you to perform versatile analyses to drive your business forward.

High data volumes at high speeds.

Price monitoring is not an easy task. Furthermore, it is the key to competitiveness and has to be done by true experts. NAKED DATA is designed to automatically capture unlimited amounts of e-commerce market data. Every last bit of it, not just information about pricing and shipping costs. With unlimited scalability and maximum frequency. We fix errors in a heartbeat and effectively overcome defensive measures. All services are guaranteed via service level agreements. Experienced data consultants provide customized enterprise solutions and offer the kind of certainty that allows retailers and brand manufacturers to be confident in their decision-making.

A woman holds a tablet with a dashboard of XPLN's NAKED DATA software solution
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