Fashion & jewelry

What your data says about you

Interrupted supply chains, changed purchasing behavior, increased competition for customers and talent – the fashion industry is faced with a multitude of challenges. Global crises dictate the market, and algorithms fuel trends.

While retailers are searching for answers among the blistering growth of the D2C business, traditional market monitoring methods are providing them with less and less precise decision aids. This can be traced back to the many new online marketplaces that retailers are struggling to get a handle on. And even the brands themselves have come under pressure due to the explosive growth in the number of platforms in recent years. Brand exclusivity promises that were painstakingly kept over decades are being torpedoed by the ways of e-commerce. Online price wars damage brand perception, while unauthorized retailers, gray imports and counterfeit products necessitate more rigorous monitoring of digital platforms.

The digitalization boom of the last few years has accelerated the pace of change in the fashion market to a degree that makes it seem next to impossible to make any kind of predictions. At least for all those who are guided by gut instinct and a sense of impending doom. Because even this volatile market continues to provide those who know how to read it with vast sales and growth potential. One thing is certain: If you make decisions based on solid data interpreted by experienced data consultants, the picture is much clearer.

Understanding the market to influence the market

The potential of the fashion industry remains unbroken. With the advent of an increasing number of relevant sales platforms, it has just become more challenging and complex to gain an overview of the market and make informed decisions. Doing so without help from automated solutions is almost inconceivable these days.

Only with the help of high-quality data collection and experienced experts at your side is it possible to gather and organize the necessary amount of information and draw the right conclusions for your business. We can help you sort it out – with data consulting and custom, personalized solutions using our unique SaaS+ approach.

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