Price intelligence

Competitive advantage through smart pricing in e-commerce

  • With our reliable price intelligence tool, you can quickly monitor price developments throughout the market.
  • Use insights from the market and competition for your pricing strategies.
  • Continuously provide the best offer within the scope of your strategy and be one step ahead of your competitors.

Data-based decisions through price intelligence

Price intelligence means being keenly aware of pricing trends across the entire market and incorporating this information into your pricing strategy. These days, remaining competitive means that brand manufacturers and retailers need to respond not only to the extreme price sensitivity of modern customers, but also to sudden changes in online commerce.

Increase sales and margins with price monitoring and dynamic pricing

Competitive price monitoring provides companies with a comprehensive market overview and continuously keeps tabs on the prices, promotions and stock availability of their competitors.

In order to incorporate automated repricing or dynamic pricing, buyer ratings and their qualitative relevance are weighed in addition to a multitude of other data. RRP/MAP monitoring keeps price dumping in check and shores up the status of premium brands. Price monitoring at the category level gives companies a bird’s-eye view of entire product ranges so they can structure their own e-commerce offers to maximize competitiveness.

With high data quality to smart pricing decisions

All data that contributes to transparency is collected at high frequency and in unlimited quantities in order to react quickly to price changes in the market. Those who monitor the competition across the board and understand market developments in e-commerce can use price intelligence methods to assess product range trends, increase conversions and sales, and raise margins.

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Sebastian Klumpp

I support you in making confident e-commerce decisions through digital shelf analytics.


XPLN offers us the possibility to adjust our prices to the competition fully automatically according to our pricing strategy. This has reduced the manual effort by 70%.

Nils Fischer, Project Manager, Vieler Group

XPLN is absolutely essential for EURONICS. With XPLN, we are laying the foundation for marketing our products in the best possible way and stabilizing our prices.

Raphael Beguin, Head of Business Development, EURONICS

Strategic pricing is one of the most important building blocks in e-commerce. In XPLN we have found a reliable partner for this

Andreas Kuss, E-Commerce Manager, Spiele Max

Our price intelligence solutions

Reliable premium data is the basis for profitable insights and confident decisions about your offer. In our tool, we offer modular price intelligence solutions that address the specific requirements of our enterprise customers and drive your business forward in e-commerce. We would be happy to advise you on the various options in a non-binding demo.

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NAKED DATA: Premium pricing and product data

Purely premium e-commerce data. In real time. And the highest quality. Automated data collection that serves as a reliable and scalable basis for your own pricing decisions and analyses – or additional XPLN cartridges.


The perfect margin – the ideal outcome of analyzing competitor data. Our dynamic repricing tool boosts sales and strengthens your position in the global market.

FIGHT CLUB: Competitor Observation

Knowing your competition empowers you to act intelligently. FIGHT CLUB provides crucial information to inform the best strategy and powerfully impact the race for buyers.

DELOREAN: Premium Price and Product Data History

Learning from the past to shape the future: DELOREAN allows you to view historical price and product data – even from the time before you were our client.

Our history:
From price intelligence to market intelligence

Logos of priceintelligence and XPLN
More than price intelligence: The new name XPLN reflects the strategic realignment and the expanded product range.

We built priceintelligence in close collaboration with enterprise customers who value superior price and competition monitoring as well as dynamic pricing above all else – so they can provide the best offer on the market, in addition to maximizing sales and margins.

Today, we know that our treasure trove of data allows for much more than just monitoring and automated repricing. We see more than “just” price intelligence in the data. We see true market intelligence – with countless opportunities for drawing profitable conclusions from the available data in order to make the right decisions.

We also realized it was time to take our brand a step further. With premium data and in-depth analyses that empower our customers to make confident decisions about how they structure their offers and present their brand in the realm of e-commerce.

Because it comes down to more than just collecting data. It is about gaining insights through data. And about using them to determine the best possible course of action for your company. Assisted by our expert data consultants.

This is the heart of XPLN The Importance of Insight.

A woman holds a tablet with a dashboard of XPLN's DELOREAN software solution
We know why reliable data is so fundamental for confident decisions. Let's talk about the opportunities we see for your challenges – and increase your sales and margins together.