White paper: The ultimate Google Shopping booster

How to get more out of your shopping ads

In this white paper you will get concrete tips on how to optimize your product data feed for higher ranking and more conversion on Google Shopping.


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Extract from the white paper:

Almost two thirds of all Internet users planning to buy something start by looking online for information about the products or services they are interested in. Amazon, eBay, Idealo – the big players among the online marketplaces – are all frequently-used sites for research. For more than one in five Internet users however, Google is still the first port of call for research. This is reason enough to make the most of the opportunities that Google now offers in e-commerce, and to take a closer look at how to optimise your own performance in Google.

With Google Shopping, the online giant has created a product search engine that represents the sales channel with the highest turnover for some retailers. Users who are at an advanced stage in the purchasing funnel particularly like to use Google Shopping for product and/or price comparisons. Google Shopping thus functions as a central sales driver, and provides online shops with high-conversion traffic. The platform is one of the most important building blocks in the online strategy of many players in e-commerce, and is becoming an increasingly powerful performance channel.

In order to make the most of the full potential of Google Shopping, there are some important things to consider. On the following pages you will learn how you can get even more out of your e-commerce activities with Google Shopping campaigns.

Your data feed is worth gold

In order to be successful with Google Shopping, a high-ranking placement is essential. However, anyone who wants to advertise their products via this channel will soon find that there is comparatively little space here, with many competitors. The best positions are limited and therefore highly competitive.

In contrast to portals which compare price alone, Google’s algorithm sorts the shopping ads according to the relevance of the search queries. The basis for calculating the relevance of your ads is your product data feed. In order to be found with the right product in the so-called PLAs (Product Listing Ads), it is therefore essential that this is maintained comprehensively and with high-quality information.

The data feed is the foundation for your Google Shopping campaigns. With the right maintenance of your data feed and the associated criteria, you will benefit from Google’s reach – you will reach purchase-oriented users, increase the traffic on your site and boost your conversion rate. This white paper provides you with the most important tips in a clear format, so that you can get started immediately with the improvements.

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