Automated monitoring gives you transparency and protects your brand

Protect your brand on Zalando, About You and Asos

Automated monitoring gives you transparency and protects your brand on marketplaces like Amazon, Zalando, About You and Asos. Many insights contribute to this:

  • high discounting and undercutting of MAP or RRP
  • Observation of similar brands and their price and assortment structure
  • Identification of non-authorised retailers
  • Perception of the brand in a country comparison
  • Identification of false images and product descriptions

Act now to protect your brand in e-commerce!

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Absolute transparency on marketplaces and platforms.

priceintelligence creates transparency in e-commerce. We analyze your products and those of your competitors on well-known platforms such as Zalando, About You, Asos, Amazon and many more. In doing so, we address your very individual needs.

Use the power of data

Get clarity and increase your performance and relevance in the market. Save yourself tedious manual data collection and invest your time instead in analyzing and optimizing your product, portfolio and pricing strategy. We are happy to support you in gaining more transparency in online trading.

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Price intelligence for brands and manufacturers

What defines us

  • We have always met the business needs of capturing and analysing market data at enterprise level.

  • Our state-of-the-art technology is made in Germany. It runs absolutely GDPR-compliant and in line with data protection regulations on German servers.

  • The customisability and flexibility of our solution are just as important to us as proactive and business-oriented support.

  •  High data quality, reliability and security are criteria for us, compliance with which comes naturally.

How does it work?

With our cloud-based solution, you start immediately, without integration effort, with meaningful results in minimal time. In addition, we offer you a wide range of customising options in the area of data analytics as well as individual interfaces.

Import your products to the Cloud
Upload your product data and prices to the priceintelligence Cloud. All you need are your EANs (European Article Numbers) and your prices (e.g. as CSV, REST-API, or message queue).
Gather market prices fully automatically
Our smart bots gather market prices of your products from millions of online sources, including availability, delivery times and shipping costs. On a daily basis - or more often.
Business analytics and reports
You will get a comprehensive overview of online offers compared with your products and other relevant data. By different means: through a web interface, as download or through an API.
Keep an eye on prices, analyse your competition and set the right price for the right person at the right time. Easily, automatically, reliably.
What Clients Say

priceintelligence enables us to automatically provide the optimal offer for every item on every marketplace. In this way, we maintain the premium character of our brand and increase our sales.

Lars Paul, Head of Product Management & Head of Brand, L. Credi-Peugler GmbH

Smart features for a powerful performance

State-of-the-art interfaces in the cloud

Our interfaces allow you to seamlessly connect to a wide variety of system landscapes. We offer you reliable standard interfaces capable of handling large amounts of data, state-of-the-art API technology, message queues and feed connections. Whatever you need for your system landscape – our developers and IT architects have the solution. You can customise import and export functions yourself directly on the interface, or, if you prefer, with the support of our Customer Success Team. It is up to you to determine how often articles and categories are searched for on which platform – automatically and flexibly.

Dashboards und reports

Would you like to keep track of how prices have changed over time, or would you like to monitor stock availability? With our customisable dashboards, reports and charts, you can see everything at a glance. If you wish, we can assist you in preparing the data so that you can make the right strategic decisions.  Our ‘roles and rights’ system provides each of your channel or category managers with their own dashboard and task management.

The smarter smart bot

With their intelligent algorithms, our smart bots always find a way to monitor prices. This is essential because some sites do not like to be monitored, only provide the right data when called from specific areas or frequently change their setup. You can count on us to provide you with reliable data at all times: we know the best paths to success. Should we ever fail to deliver data due to changes on the monitored site, our platform will inform you proactively, 24/7. And we will take immediate action.