Case Study: Excellence in B2B

From full range offline to successful multichannel retailer

Read our case study to learn how XPLN helped the tools, machinery and accessories retailer HIW achieve a competitive pricing strategy and increase its online sales.



Extract from the case study:

HIW started online retail in 2016 with a pioneering spirit and no special prior knowledge, but in a very focused and structured way. And also with the development of its own tool. Because initial checks revealed that available standard systems could not meet HIW's requirements. Either they were too elaborately equipped or they lacked important functions, such as the flexibility to react quickly to changes in the market or in the conditions of sources and targets.

To get started, Oliver Baum relied on his own simple product information management (PIM) system, which is connected to the enterprise resource planning system and records inventories with all relevant information.

This included the prices of the various sources of supply and, where possible, the reference and comparative prices of the company's own products and those of similar competitors. Initially, an attempt was made to record these using a proprietary data crawler, but the procedure reached its limits.

The central challenge was that the sheer mass of product prices and information could no longer be recorded and updated manually. HIW was therefore looking for a suitable automated solution that would support the further development of its own system – and that could collect and evaluate all relevant price data on the platforms and marketplaces, derive findings and also generate channel-specific price suggestions.

HIW approached XPLN with the need to obtain reliable information on competitive prices. A fundamental question was: What does pricing look like for each product and platform? The answer(s) to this question, in comparison with the respective product availability, form the essential basis of HIW's pricing.

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